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About Women's Wellness Retreats

Women's Wellness Retreats brings together passionate, experienced and authentic leaders in the field of wellness to share their wisdom in their own particular fields at various retreats. 


Primary Retreat Facilitator and Women's Wellness Expert

Lisa profile 2016.jpg

Lisa is a naturopath, psychotherapist, counsellor, meditation teacher and group facilitator with over 20 years’ experience working in the field of complementary medicine. She has recently completed post graduate studies in Wellness and lives her life passionately supporting others to embrace their Mind-Body-Soul connection. Lisa has a natural insightful style of facilitating workshops and retreats. One of her gifts as a facilitator is her capacity to be able to take a group of people and support them to connect with their own internal wisdom, awareness and authenticity.



Wellness Coach and Motivational Speaker

Kristina helps  people to embrace their uniqueness while reaching their goals. Her passion is for people to become the best version of themselves from the inside out.  Kristina  inspires people to let go of  the things they have no control of and to focus on what they can, like positive change.   Her own goal is to assist  people in "living life lighter”


Pilates and Fitness Instructor

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Michelle is a pilates and fitness instructor with over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Over the past 11 years Michelle has been inspiring and motivating her students from 6 different locations where she runs classes. Michelle is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Pilates and now gets to also share her passion for travel through retreats. Michelle’s enthusiasm and down to earth approach helps students to get the most out of each and every class.




Transformational Body Worker and Counsellor

Leanna is a holistic health practitioner, specialising in transformational body work, massage, holistic counselling and group facilitation.  Leanna uses a combination of modalities when working with her clients. Her passion lies in her ability to connect women with their bodies.


Professional intuitive and Coach

elisa sana photo.jpg

Elisa is a medium and spiritual mentor with a background in corporate business. Over a period of 30 years Elisa has worked with various spiritual mentors fine tuning her gift. Elisa is an inspiring intuitive and spiritual mentor, her insights give her clients techniques to apply in their every day life to help them reach their full potential.

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