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Amanda Starr

This was by far the BEST travel experience I have ever had. An awesome location teamed with lovely and caring facilitators. Bagus Jati was absolutely stunning and the staff so accommodating. What a wonderful treat, an entire week to reflect, honour and connect with like minded women in a setting that was truly Paradise ... The evening in Ubud salsa dancing and dining on tapas was a personal highlight! I thank you with all my heart for this truly magical experience. The location, treatments, room/villa, pool area, scenic view, facilitators. The highlight was the waterfall experience and salsa dancing.


Alison Hughes

I found this retreat life changing in so many ways. I left there feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and much clearer within. I was able to work through and transcend some important issues and beliefs that had been holding me back from my true potential. The amazing support and connection I felt was so helpful in progressing forward on my spiritual path. I am so grateful and honoured to have been able to experience this beautiful environment and valuable experience.The surroundings and nature was amazing. The organic flavour filled food was delightful. The daily workshops and meditations were also extremely informative and helpful.


Toni Fountain

This retreat exceeded all of my expectations! The location of the retreat in Bali was spectatcular & Lisa has an amazing gift for creating a safe space for women to connect, heal & grow. I am so glad I went!  Everything about the retreat was spectactular! The workshops were great & well thought out. There was a good balance between workshops, organised outings & free time.


Sonja Vanderteen

This is a restorative retreat with amazing women, set in a beautiful place. The natural environment in which the workshops and mediations occur is beautiful and the people at the resort are welcoming and kind. The warmth of the organizers enhances this retreat and the workshops, mediations and time for relaxation during this retreat enabled me to realize the peace and self-growth I was seeking. The things I have learned are part of my approach to daily life assisting me to be grounded when things become very busy.


Margaret Richards

The resort was amazing and the participating women were loving caring and powerful women. I loved the meditations and workshops. I have come away from the retreat feeling refreshed and energised knowing that life is full of fun and loving people and with a deep feeling of inner peace.


Sandie Horden

I would to thank Lisa and the facilitators for a wonderful retreat full of information and fun. There was just enough of both which allowed you to relax and connect with yourself on a deeper level. I had a wonderful time, the accommodation was beautiful, food fantastic and the workshops brillant. Thank you Lisa.


Bev Murray

I absolutely loved the Women's Wellness Retreat! Conducted in the natural beauty of a mountainous rainforest in Ubud, this unforgettable experience for me was healing, uplifting, fun and life changing. I am so very grateful. I loved the workshops, the fun, the accommodation, the food, the treatments and the connection with so many beautiful women.

Janine Botha.png

Janine Botha

This Bali retreat definitely surpassed expectations and has filled me in so many ways. This was a journey of connection - to self, to nature, to joy, to a group of amazing women who shared it. Lisa created and held space for all of us to get out of it what we wanted and needed. I'm definitely saving up to go on another one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

IMG_2743 (002).jpg

Carly Bourke

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Having never Immersed myself in such an experience I was so excited to have all of my senses popping off by being taken on a journey through so many new and exciting experiences. It has been the most stimulation and rejuvenating experience I have had in forever really. Your heart and soul is in this trip and I am so privileged to have taken this leap of faith to join a group of total strangers and leave with my new tribe.


Wendy Curry

The retreat experience has been holistic and life changing. The workshops enabled me to address process and realistically work towards addressing and solving issues that are currently prevalent in my life at this time and to work on my self-care. The location was stunning and the activities were filled with fun and sharing. A beautiful experience.


Sue Owens

A rewarding experience with Lisa. A variety of activities, plus heaps of free time. Would recommend to any lady who needs time to just be.


Sarah Carr

It was such a beautiful and nurturing experience. I couldn’t have asked for more in the past 5 days. It had everything my soul needed to rest and rejuvenate. It was such a safe and supportive environment held by Lisa. So much love and thanks.


Ruth Todd

This retreat surpassed expectation. A truly magical, joyous, soulful experience combining the peace and tranquillity of the magical location. A chance to truly be free, relax and rejoice.

elisa hudson.jpeg

Elisa Hudson

My heart is so completely full and overflowing. My experience this trip has again changed my life forever. You are so incredible at all you do and I feel so blessed to have shared this journey to Bali with you.

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